A Philippine Christmas Supper, Sat 2 December

The word "Pasko" means Christmas in Filipino. It's one of the most important holiday in our culture as we are predominantly a Catholic country.

I'm hosting a feast, I say feast because for me every Christmas is a feast with family and friends around the table. Join us for an authentic Filipino meal in a communal setting and a gift to take home.

Expect a welcome drink & appetizer, many Christmas favourite dishes and because it's Christmas I might take the karaoke out for a treat too! Haha!


Welcome Prosecco

Lumpia de queso - queso de bola wrapped in springroll wrapper and deep fried until crispy

Longganisa in a blanket - sweet cured Filipino sausages wrapped in bacon

Pancit Palabok- Rice noodle in shrimp sauce. Topped with mackerel flakes, prawns, boiled eggs, pork crackling and spring onions

Mae's Lechon - brine overnight and slow roast pork belly cooked with lemongrass, sprinonions, garlic, onions and bay leaves. As seen on BBC2.

Pinakbet - a mix of vegetables cooked in shrimp paste and tomatoes. It has Aubergine, bitter lemon, okra, butternut squash and green beans.

Atchara - pickled green papaya

Kanin Rice - boiled jasmine rice

Puto bumbong - steamed sweet glutinous rice and purple yam cake topped with melted margarine, muscovado sugar and grated coconut

Bibingka - steamed rice and coconut cake cooked in banana leaves cups

Leche flan - baked milk flan in caramelised sugar

Who can attend: Anyone
Event Type: Supper Club
Date: 2nd
Date: December 2017
Dining start time: 7pm
Event finish time: 11pm
Total event dining size: 12
Other Details:
(BYO) Bring Your Own drinks.
Licensed Venue, drinks available.
Alcohol Free event.