SARAP Supper Club - Filipino Flavours, Tue 25 July, SOLD OUT

Join SARAP as we bring to you a Filipino flavour feast with our own modern twist! Sourcing the finest ingredients we’ve refined our dishes to create a unique ‘pulutan‘ dining experience. Pulutan means ‘food eaten with alcohol’ BTW.

Whether you're trying Filipino food for the first time, or having something that reminds you of home, we look forward to seeing you and spreading a little tropical summer vibe!

On our menu each guest will receive:


Palawan Punch Cocktail

White Rum, Prosecco, Coconut Water, Mint, Calamansi Juice, Tamarind and Pandan Syrup.



Kinilaw Tacos

Market fresh fish lightly marinated in calamansi lime juice & coconut vinegar with ginger, onion, black pepper and chilli, served in ube (purple yam) tortilla.

Adobo Glazed Beef Short Rib

Beef short ribs slow cooked in a marinade of soy sauce, cane vinegar, garlic and bay leaves served with a traditional spicy atchara pickle.

Pork Sisig Scotch Quail’s Egg

Pork offal chopped and cooked with soy sauce, ginger, garlic, calamansi lime and mayonnaise, wrapped around a runny quail’s egg, all encased in a mixture of chicharon (pork scratching) & breadcrumbs.

SARAP Fried Chicken wings

Filipino twist on Korean fried chicken, finished with banana ketchup, garlic and chilli


Fried Coconut Ice Cream

Creamy coconut ice cream, coated in a biscuit & coconut crumb


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Who can attend: Anyone
Event Type: Supper Club
Date: 25th
Date: July 2017
Dining start time: 7:30pm
Event finish time: 10:30
Total event dining size: 30
Other Details:
(BYO) Bring Your Own drinks.
Licensed Venue, drinks available.
Alcohol Free event.