Information about FeedUp



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We aim to bring together food experiences with a difference - from pop-up events by new chefs testing exciting menus you won’t find anywhere else, to supper clubs hosted by experts with a unique food philosophy, to enthusiastic home cooks who are inspired to share their passion and develop their skills.

Whether you want to taste a style of food you’ve never tried before, talk flavour inspiration direct with the chef who cooked your meal, make new friends or just enjoy a delicious menu in an intimate setting, FeedUp is the place to find unique dining experiences.

How do I book to attend an event?

When you’ve found an event you’d love to attend you’ll need to sign up to become a community member - just click ‘Sign Up’ and create a profile, it only takes a few seconds! Then complete a secure booking online, or via the host’s ticket site. Once your place at the table has been confirmed you’ll receive all the information you need about the event, so you can look forward to enjoying an authentic and exciting dining experience, meeting the people behind the food and other food lovers.

What should I expect at the event?

Each FeedUp experience is different - which is part of the magic! Our hosts hold events to showcase innovative menus, explore inspiration from different styles of cooking, or share their food philosophy, the cuisine they grew up with or a new skill. Some events are collaborations, incorporating bespoke cocktails by amazing bartenders or helping you find your zen with yoga before dinner.

What they all have in common is passion, great people, and of course great food!

Are you passionate about cooking or hosting?

We’d love to have you on board! Whether you’re an experienced professional chef or an inspired amateur cook we’d love to help you host your own events. Register here to get started - we’re here to help every step of the way.

For purpose!

Something else we want you to know.. For every event hosted we donate a nourishing meal to someone who really needs it via our chosen charities (or even better a #plateforaplate when using the 'FeedUp Checkout'). We think that makes everything our community does just a little more thanks for being part of it!

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