Zaad Dinner Club

Zaad dinner club is run by Nisrin Abuorf, a home cook with Palestinian and Middleeastern roots and a great love for cooking and feeding people Nisrin hosted many private catering events and it is time take the venture to the foodie public.
Zaad means nourishing food in Arabic and that is what Zaad Dinner Club is all about, Zaad will be serving up regional Palestinian and Levantine dishes and specialties that are rarely served at Middle Eastern restuarants in London. If you would like to experience hearty, healthy home cooked Palestinian food then we are your go to dining destination!
We will be popping up in three different locations across South East London each month, and each month we will be serving a new menu with very special dishes guaranteed to impress. We serve a vegetarian alternative and can sometimes be vegan friendly depending on the menu each month.

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