Palm Greens Yoga Brunch with Ness, Sun 27 January

Yoga with Ness followed by a freshly cooked veg led plant based brunch.

Small bites to start


Roast portobello & candy beet tostadas,

ancho crema & chipotle roasted nut salsa


Spiced pinto bean bowl with fresh lime & a caramalised onion & arbol salsa

Radicchio, marinated carrots, grapefruit & charred date salad

Stir fried winter greens, pepita lime crumbs


Chocolate cinnamon mousse, clementine, roasted hazelnut & whipped coco cream

Who can attend: Anyone
Event Type: Activity + Dining
Type of Host: I'm a formally trained chef
Date: Sunday
Date: 27th
Date: January 2019
Dining start time: 11am
Event finish time: 2.30pm
Total event dining size: 30
Dietary Options (please confirm any non-listed requirements with your host chef):
Gluten Free Option
Other Details:
(BYO) Bring Your Own drinks.
Licensed Venue, drinks available.
Alcohol Free event.
Charity Supported: