Fermented foods dinner, Alien Seas X Benk + Bo, Thu 6 Sept

In this experiential workshop you will learn just how easy it is to ferment both foods and drinks at home using simple techniques and inexpensive ingredients.

Fermentation is the oldest food preservation technique we know and a simple and economical way to make your very own superfoods from scratch.

Probiotics – fermented foods teeming with good bacteria – come with an incredible array of health benefits, ranging from digestive health to boosting the immune system.

And they’re delicious, too!

We will cover fermented foods such as probiotic ketchup, home made coconut yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented vegetables. You will also get to make your very own ferments to take home.

You will get to learn about gut health, how to get more probiotics into your daily diet and try these foods out for yourself in delicious dishes served at the event. Expect a fully vegan dinner AND dessert with lots of probiotic goodness!

Do join us to learn a skill for life AND meet interesting people over a delicious meal!

• • •

ALIEN SEAS was started by Lise, a healing diets practitioner and chef educated at the School of Natural Medicine UK who wishes to change the world one plate at the time.

Who can attend: Anyone
Event Type: Activity + Dining
Type of Host: I'm a formally trained chef
Date: Thursday
Date: 6th
Date: September 2018
Dining start time: 6:30 PM
Event finish time: 9 PM
Total event dining size: 30
Dietary Options (please confirm any non-listed requirements with your host chef):
Gluten Free Option
Other Details:
(BYO) Bring Your Own drinks.
Licensed Venue, drinks available.
Alcohol Free event.
Charity Supported: