Caribbean Supper Club night at Cassavas, Sat 12 May

Starter options

Ackee & Saltfish with avocado

Ackee with onions, peppers and tomatoes (vegan option)


Fricassee chicken (marinated in hot peppers, herbs and spices with mango sauce) with rice and peas and plantain

Salmon with with rice and peas and plantain

Calloloo fritters (with apple chutney & mixed leafs) with rice and peas and plantain (vegan and gluten-free/lactose-free option)


Rum and raisin ice-cream

Rum cake

Tropical fruit salad (gluten-free/lactose-free option)

Who can attend: Anyone
Event Type: Supper Club
Type of Host: I'm a home cook but I've got some serious skills
Date: Saturday
Date: 12th
Date: May 2018
Dining start time: 19:00
Event finish time: 22:00
Total event dining size: 35
Other Details:
(BYO) Bring Your Own drinks.
Licensed Venue, drinks available.
Alcohol Free event.
Charity Supported: