Wylde Feasts: gut health series, Thurs 12 July

Gut Health Series: For this next series we’ll be focusing on the hugely topical subject of gut health and all the goodies you can be eating and drinking to support and nourish your gut and microbiome.


Flo is a Nutritional Therapist (mBANT) who will be chatting to guests all evening about the food and ingredients, giving you tips and tricks as well as recipes and further info to take home.


Joss is the chef, she’s busy planning a 5-course delicious and nutritious menu which is largely plant based as well as being gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and bursting with fizzy ferments and probiotic foods.


Sound like your thing? Come along and bring your friends, we’re excited to meet you!


Event address:

Crypt at the Cafe,

St Peter's Church,

Northchurch Terrace,


N1 4DA




To pamper your tummy and maximise digestion


a big dose of pre and probiotics to diversify your microbiome (and if this makes no sense to you - come along and find out more!)


Packed full of phytonutrients and antioxidants


A fibrous main with lots of prebiotics to feed your happy microbes


Free from: sugar/gluten/dairy but full of love


Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements.


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Wylde Feasts is a unique supper club that focuses on naturopathy - the healing power of nature. The evening was probably the most mindful dining experience I’ve ever had. The dishes had none of those fancy presentations or unnecessary edible flower decorations. The focus was simple and honest: the food and their upfront flavours, and how good they are for you. I also got the chance to meet like-minded people and learning a lot more about everyone’s different experiences with food.

The best thing about Wylde Feasts, however, were the generosity and hospitality of the hostesses - from the little booklet they prepared for us to bring home (including lots of nutrition tips and recipes), to answering all different kinds of questions when serving our meal, you can tell they are genuinely passionate about sharing the knowledge of naturopathy to everyone. And that really made the evening. I honestly couldn’t recommend more of Wylde Feasts. (Pam, 2018)


This supper club was excellent. The food was seriously tasty, and that's a big compliment from me seeing as I love meat, dairy and gluten! All of the courses were delicious, well rounded and suitably filling. The blood orange cake was an absolute delight.

Flo and Joss were welcoming and charismatic, eager to share their knowledge on the naturopathic benefits of the ingredients being used. We also got a take home booklet with info on naturopathic eating, tips for healthy living and maximising the benefits of certain ingredients and recipes to make at home!

Will definitely be back! (Megan, 2018)


Such a great evening. The menu was ever so well thought out and catered for both the veggies (me) and the meat eaters in my party. Delightful cocktails accompanied our arrival, as did a beautifully produced information booklet for us to peruse as we supped.

The food was delicious, from the first lettuce-leaf of kimchi to the last lingering taste of ginger, and interesting to learn about the ingredient's individual healing properties as we ate our way through the courses. The Wylde Feasts team were so very warm, so very welcoming and created such a lovely relaxed atmosphere for us to enjoy our supper and learn along the way.

I look forward to seeing what they do next. (Alice, 2018)


Who can attend: Anyone
Event Type: Supper Club
Type of Host: I'm a home cook but I've got some serious skills
Date: Thursday
Date: 12th
Date: July 2018
Dining start time: 7.30
Event finish time: 10:30
Total event dining size: 30
Dietary Options (please confirm any non-listed requirements with your host chef):
Gluten Free Option
Other Details:
(BYO) Bring Your Own drinks.
Licensed Venue, drinks available.
Alcohol Free event.
Charity Supported: