Aappa Kade naturally vegan Sri Lankan feast, Sat 28 April

Aappa Kade naturally vegan Sri Lankan feast at Feest London

This will be my third Sri Lankan supper club event and I am feeling very privileged and excited to be hosting this event at the beautiful Feest London café space in N16. The stylish decor and all of the luscious greenery at this space make for a very special and intimate setting!

This time, I have devised a three course menu packed with Sri Lankan classics and some of my most favourite things to cook and eat. Given the sheer variety of preparations of vegetable dishes in Sri Lanka and the pretty much non-existent use of dairy, the menu for this event is naturally all vegan. The starter, string hoppers, are a sort of steamed noodles made with rice flour. They have the perfect texture for soaking up curries and I will be serving them with the traditional coconut milk gravy and a variety of sambols and chutneys. The main course will be the epitomic Sri Lankan rice and curry, my version for the evening will have Sri Lankan short grain rice served with 7 different curries and condiments and of course pappadums! For pudding, I will there will be bibikkan, which is a speciality celebration cake of coastal Sri Lanka.

The detailed menu is below. The event is BYOB, beer generally goes very well with Sri Lankan food as does ginger beer. I look forward to cooking for you then 

Starter - Indhiyappa, kiri hodhi, green chilli pol sambol, katta sambal, seeni sambol

String hoppers (steamed noodles made from rice flour), coconut and tomato gravy, freshly grated coconut, green chilli sambol, red chilli and shallot sambol, sweet and spiced onion relish.

Main - Rice and curry meal of samba bath, polos kalupol, gotukola sambol, beetroot curry, parippu, wambatu moju, bonchi theldala, pol sambol, papadum

Sri Lankan rice, young jackfruit slow cooked and flavoured with toasted coconut and rice, gotukola salad, beetroot curry flavoured with fennel seeds, dal with lemon grass, aubergine pickle, green bean stir fry, freshly grated coconut, red chilli and lime salad, poppadom

Pudding - Bibikkan

Coconut cake made of semolina, kitul jaggery (unrefined palm sugar), coconut and spices

Who can attend: Anyone
Event Type: Supper Club
Type of Host: I'm a home cook but I've got some serious skills
Date: Saturday
Date: 28th
Date: April 2018
Dining start time: 19:15
Event finish time: 22:00
Total event dining size: 20
Other Details:
(BYO) Bring Your Own drinks.
Licensed Venue, drinks available.
Alcohol Free event.
Charity Supported: