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How it works

Attending an event

To attend an event it's simple. Just browse and select an event you like, if you don't have one, create a profile and provide the suggested contribution via the secure Stripe check-out, or the hosts ticketing site. For FeedUp payments your FeedUp Host will then get a notification and accept your request if there is space around the table for you (money is transferred to the Host on acceptance), alternatively the Host ticket solution will provide the details.

Your Host will later provide a specific location and any other required details of the event. All that's left to do is turn up on time and enjoy the delicious food and great company.

At the end of the event you can leave feedback* on the event for the Host and future Guests . Hosts with the best feedback will rise to the top of the FeedUp Leaderboard allowing the community members to see who the best Chefs within the community are.

*For FeedUp payment events only

Hosting an Event

Anyone who loves cooking and hosting and has a place to cook and serve food can become a FeedUp Host. 

As a FeedUp Host you simply add a mouth watering listing for your event and accept offers to attend from the community. Our quick to connect Stripe payments platform provides easy and guaranteed transfer of the attendee payments towards each event.  You choose the menu, location and the price.

You can message attendees to answer any questions and provide further details as well as accept offers to attend. Yes..  as a Host you have a choice on who will attend. You can read feedback on guests and also leave your own after each event. 

As well as making some beautiful food we want our FeedUp Hosts to create some imaginative experiences so don't be constrained in your thinking about events, how you host them, the locations and themes. It's also great to share the load so why not team up with friends and Host together. 

All we ask is that you create a special event for the community! 

Register and create an event today! And for help with your first event please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to help you set up your first FeedUp!

Interested in Hosting? Sign Up now

We're not just an event listing service. We're here to help you every step of the way to creating your perfect pop-up, supper club-or home dining event.

List your Dinner Party, Supper Club or Pop-Up event:

- Get access to a highly engaged community of people who love Dining and Pop-Up events

- Nourishing meals provided on your behalf to those in desperate need for each event you host (we donate)

- Products and Special Deals from awesome Brands who want to Partner with you

- Amplification of your event on FeedUp social media

- We will add you to our social media Influencer list with potential to become a paid Micro-Influencer 

- You can use secure payments for your event with our Stripe payment portal*

- You get access to bespoke event insurance. Making sure you have the right coverage*

- Your events are promoted in our monthly email newsletter

*Additional cost

Further details in our terms of use

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