Aidan Brooks is a professional chef with over 10 years experience cooking at top restaurants in Barcelona, Valencia and London. Inspired by a profound and deep-rooted connection with his home town, Aidan moved back to his beloved Hackney to launch this new and exciting pop-up venture.

Teaming up with industry friends from his past, there'll be collaborations and guest chefs aplenty as Aidan "pops up" with a series of intimite dinners at hidden gem locations all across the borough. Wholeheartedly Hackney-centric in its focus, Eleven98's menus will be abundant with locally grown produce: every fruit, vegetable and herb on your plate will have been cultivated within Hackney. Meat, fish and dairy will be sourced from small, reputable independent purveyors based in the borough. Eggs will be sourced directly from the clucky hens over at Hackney City Farm, and there'll be seasonal varieties of "Hackney Garden Honey" courtesy of the buzzing hives of Amanda Hayes.

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