A Little Lusciousness

One of London's most popular pop up supper clubs which has been running for over 5 years, A Little Lusciousness are fun filled nights based around a sumptuous seasonal menu.

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A lovely evening - my first experience of a pop-up. Amazed at how Rosie, assisted by the invaluable Lizzie, was able to deliver a 5 course gourmet meal for 12 people with such good humour and skill from a tiny kitchen, and to hold a conversation whilst shucking hot oysters and managing to perch the yolk of a quail's egg spot in the middle atop her Jura version of steak tartare!


I seriously can't recommend Rosie's supper club enough. I first came across Rosie on Instagram and she charmed me with her thoughtfulness and generosity and I decided that her (then) pop-up restaurant night was one that I must try. I've always gone to Rosie's nights on my own, I've always been sat next to interesting and friendly people and I've always felt completely welcomed and at ease and, very importantly, I've ALWAY eaten incredibly well. I've been to a number of Rosie's nights since then in a number of different venues but this one was something special - I hadn't realized but Rosie's Italian Lusciousness night was in her flat. Furniture had been moved and extra tables and chairs were borrowed to turn Rosie's sitting room into a most charming little restaurant. I'm a huge fan of the current trend for big production supper clubs but I don't think you can top how special you feel when you're invited into someone's home and you're able to watch them cooking up a veritable feast for you in their own kitchen, and where the focus really is on the food.

I have a food allergy that's quite difficult to accommodate and Rosie has never had any issues with cooking for me and consistently serves me up delicious dish after delicious dish - from her homemade breads (this time focaccia) to deeply savoury beef stews or a perfectly cooked leg of lamb. Rosie makes everything from scratch and this time I was particularly impressed* with the crackers she had made to go alongside the cheese.

Honestly, just go to A Little Lusciousness - I promise you you won't regret it. At the worst, you'll eat well, and at best, you'll do that and you'll connect with the people around you and have a fantastic time and vow to come back again soon! And if so, we'll probably meet one day as I'm a confirmed serial Lusciousness fan.

*on a making from scratch scale.


Rosie is the perfect host and the food was as good as always. Her passion for cooking is clear in everything she says and does. Combine this with a natural knack for instantly making you feel at ease and you have the perfect supper club. Everything we had as part of our Italian feast was fantastic and we definitely didn't go home hungry!