Connecting good people with great food

FeedUp is a place for people to come together and share incredible and unique pop-up dining experiences. Becoming a community member is simple, just sign in and create a profile in a few seconds then search for an event you would love to attend or simply create an event that you would like to host and share.

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FeedUp is a ‘for purpose’ enterprise donating nourishing meals to those in desperate need.

For every event hosted we donate at least one meal and we think that makes everything our community does just a little more worthwhile..

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How FeedUp works

1. Find the perfect Pop-Up dining event

Search from one of the many events you’d love to attend

2. Request a seat at the table

Let the host know you’d like to attend and provide a secure contribution to the event

3. Enjoy a delicious meal

Sit back and enjoy a delicious Pop-Up meal, provided by your host chef